Saturday, March 16, 2013


Still busy over here. I have about six more weeks of student teaching to go and I am really enjoying it. I just wish that I had a few more hours in each day to accomplish all that I need to do!

My special education speciality is severe/multiple disabilities and autism. I have had the opportunity to develop many lesson plans and some are messier than others.  This week we made spider cakes.  It was a smelly, mushy, messy project that everyone enjoyed.  It didn't matter that our spiders looked like tarantulas, everyone was engaged (and they were tasty).

 In foster care news, our newest kid has court this week.  He has told me that his SW told him he will go to family.  We were told maybe he will go.  Not sure who is right but I can't imagine that the SW told him he definitely would because we all know how foster care is.  There are no guarantees.

We also has a visit this week from the girls SW.  She thinks that this will be her last visit to the house.  She hopes to see us at court next.  We don't have much longer to go before the adoption worker comes for a visit with the adoption paperwork and we get to visit our lawyer.

Tasha has moved to Charleston so we have been bedroom shuffling.  I am still working on projects in that area and will post pictures when we get beyond the totally cluttered look!

I broke down two weeks ago and hired someone to help me with cleaning house.  She is going to come in once a week and clean only the common areas.  We have always been cluttered but generally clean.  We have passed over to the cluttered and not so clean.  Not sure how long we will afford this pleasure, but for now it is necessary for my sanity!

The weekend weather here is looking great so I will get to send the kids outside!  Perhaps I will get something finished.  I have to do a mock IEP meeting on Monday and havent' created my imaginary person yet.  Guess I should work on that!

Have a great weekend.

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