Thursday, December 6, 2012


Every year I get the kids a new ornament. 
Sometimes they have special meanings and sometimes they are just cute.

We gave the kids theirs and they all put them on the empty tree....they put them all together.

We still haven't finished the tree and there is a strand of lights that is out.  Perhaps it will be finished in time for Christmas.
I am waiting to see if Christmas brings behavior problems.  So many kids who have been in care have bad holiday memories and will act out at that time.  Last Christmas the two little ones had not been with us long and were very much exhibiting behavior problems but I don't think that they were from the holidays.  This year they are doing so much better so we will see how it goes.
I have noticed over the years that the holidays can be a painful time for many folks, not just folks who have been in care.  It is supposed to be a festive family time but there are so many expectations. 
I know that with myself it is the time when I make my annual call to my dad....which will last a few minutes because he doesn't know what to say to me since he doesn't know me anymore.  He doesn't know how many kids I have or even their names. Honestly, I miss having a dad and I wish that my kids could have had a grandfather.  But, it isn't something that I can change so over the years I have learned to accept it and enjoy the family that I do have.  Still, there is a feeling of loss.
So, as I embrace Christmas I want to have some fun....and create something.
Last minute Santa project is a library.  Larissa loves to play librarian so I decided to make a library check-out desk.  I am using a very old dresser.  My family does not envision it that way I do.

Stripped down and ready for some modifications.

More to come.......hopefully this is a project I will finish before school is out for break!

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  1. I'm really interested to see how Christmas goes for us this year. I've talked with the girls about how they celebrated Christmas with their first family and I'm greeted with blank stares. K responded with memories of having been excited, looking forward to receiving the gift she had been promised. She never received it. I know last year they were completely overwhelmed with gifts, thanks to foster family, foster family's extended family, foster parent association, local church, birth family, etc. This year the gifts will be few to avoid overload. But the gifts will be meaningful. Our main focus has been on doing activities as a family, and keeping Jesus the focus. They're loving it, and no weird behaviors so far. We'll see.