Sunday, December 23, 2012

Larissa's new closet....uh, bedroom

Last week Larissa asked me if she could move into the closet. Honestly, I wasn't paying much attention and said she could. Little did I know, she was serious. I short time later I could hear the sound of items being tossed and went to investigate what I had just approved.

I couldn't turn this picture around, she emptied the closet.

That night we threw a mattress in there and she seemed intent on making the closet her bedroom.

Several days passed and I realized she planned on staying so I dug out a bi-fold door from the garage and installed it.  There used to be a regular door there but we kept it off because it took up so much space.  The door was quite dirty and Larissa said it was her job to clean it since it was her door.  She was quite happy with her door.

The next day I built in a pallet.  The room is long enough for a twin mattress but it blocks the doorway.  The room isn't quite wide enough for a twin bed so we built a sleeping pallet and double folded a king size mattress topper.  It is quite comfy.

Finished.  Now I need to paint the hallway....

Larissa did some wall decorating of her own.

My husband thinks that this will be very temporary.  I am not quite so sure.  It took her 7 years to get out of our bedroom.  She is now 5 feet away......I think that she is very happy for the moment.
Well, would you let your kid sleep in a closet?


  1. I wonder if she will feel extra secure in there and have an easier time sleeping! Maybe her sleep will be more restful. I think it's a great idea!

  2. I was thinking the same thing that Emily said: she might be more secure and sleep better. And yes, I would allow my child to sleep in a closet. In fact, I have. I've seen many articles about families in NYC turning closets into bedrooms. The one Larissa has claimed is much bigger than some of those!