Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas and Beyond

(Warning, picture overload!)

My mom was happy with her gifts.  Buying for her was very hard.  In the end she got a very soft blanket, clothing and mostly sugar free candy.

Tasha had a flag flown in Afghanistan on Sept 11th for her dad.  I was shocked because she normally procrastinates as bad as I do.

Tasha got me a fire pit.  I hope to get some marshmallows today to try it out.

This was my Christmas request, a Silhouette Cameo.  I hope I have some time soon to try it out!

Joselin requested that I make her a minibar....a week before Christmas.  So on the 23rd I started will come later.  She was delighted with the end result.

Everyone was happy with their gifts.  No tears, no complaints, no outward jealousy.
The kids enjoy the library and play with it often.  The gift was for Larissa and I questioned that when it grew after I was given a free library cart and found a magazine rack for less than $3.  This project was actually quite inexpensive to do.  The biggest expense was buying more books (as though we needed more).  I mostly added more chapter books to our existing books.
In the end I decided to keep it as Larissa's gift because she was the one who inspired me to build it in the first place. As time has passed I see it was a good decision. 
Larissa is the most fair child of the little ones and she happily allows others to be the librarian.  Having one child in charge of determining who the librarian is has made it much more peaceful.  Given the make-up of our kids I would have been constantly mediating conflicts over it.  On Christmas it was made clear that Santa sent Larissa the gift and the decisions were up to her.  After only a few challenges, the kids have accepted her authority over it after they realized that she was fair (and mom was going to back her up).

The house is pretty quiet as the kids are enjoying the time with their new toys and electronics.  Hopefully the newness of their Christmas gifts will wear off right when it is time to go back to school.  I believe that they go back next week.  I guess I should look at that. 
When does your kids Christmas break end.  Do you homeschoolers follow public school schedules?


  1. Oh my gosh, that looks like it was so much fun!

  2. I'm never sure what to get my mom. She is mostly homebound. No strength to do anything. Last Christmas I got her an electric blanket for when she sits on the couch and Diagnosis Murder season 1 because she used to watch it. This Christmas I got her seasons 2 & 3. Actually I think 3 is for her birthday in a week and my sister got her a shirt from me from Country Outfitters because she likes their stuff (which is expensive!) It's hard when they can't do much.

  3. Looks like you all had an amazing Christmas!

  4. You are one amazing Mama! I love all the creative things you pull together!!!

    Love all the photos with all the newer kids...

    Our homeschool ends when boys are out of school...starts when boys go back + one day. I need a day of rest!!!

    Blessings, Jennifer