Friday, July 21, 2017

Topsy Turvy

Well, the girls are not going to be as short term as we were told. I know, not a big surprise in the foster care world. In one brief meeting and their case exploded and became a totally different case. Yes, it went topsy turvy. It is not unusual for this to happen. Many of the kids we adopted were supposed to be short term; Anthony, Larissa, Benjamin and even Kassi were all short term placements.

These girls have extended family so it is a wait and see as to where they may go. They moved from out of state so they may become another transfer case like our Itty Bitty. In the meantime I am working on trying to get the 5 year old enrolled in school without a birth certificate because they don't have one. Always something new.

I am also trying to get the girls a wardrobe and I am struggling. Cost isn't the issue, although a consideration, shorts are the problem. Both girls wear the same size shorts and for school they must go beyond their fingertips. So, no short shorts. Folks, at this time of the year that is a challenge. Seems like the longer, Bermuda shorts cost more than the short shorts. If I find them as a reasonable price I haven't been able to find them in their size. Ah, the challenge of finding modest clothing for girls.

A first for us, the 5 year old lost her first tooth. We were at the orthodontist and he gave her a $2 bill and a plastic tooth container to put her tooth in. We did the tooth fairy thing and I have the tooth. I guess I am supposed to get that to their mother somehow. First time we have had a foster kid lose their first tooth while at our house. I don't know what their family traditions are for that so we just went with ours.

Itty Bitty is doing well and no changes in his case. We are playing the waiting game with him as he is attaching to us. He is getting where he cries when other people pick him up. He is such a sweet baby and gets lots of loving. He is trying hard to roll over, his arm gets in the way. So fun to watch the growth.

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