Saturday, July 15, 2017

Eating My Words

I know, I said we were taking local kids from now on. That was our intention.

My husband and I sit down when we have an opening and discuss what we will say yes to. That way when they call if they hit what we have discussed then I can say yes immediately. If it is out of our parameters then I can say no easier.  We discussed it and decided that we really wanted some kids ages 4-6, we felt that might be a good fit. We find the 2-3 year old kiddos really disrupt Benjamin.

We received a call for two kids ages 1 and 2. Young 1 and 2. I said no, they were local kids too. I very much dislike saying no but young 1 and 2 would be too much.

Next we received a call for two girls ages 4 and 5. Within our age parameters but not local. Actually further away than the last kids. We don't transport so I decided to forego the local limit and go with the age group we agreed on. I did ask them if they were sure that they couldn't find a closer placement. They said that we were the closest foster family that would take two kids. Two hours away!  Two hours later they were at our door.

We were told that this will actually be a very short term placement. There is no drugs involvement and from what they tell me I tend to agree. They are fitting in great. Benjamin plays well with them and they are loving all our toys.

If things happen quickly I was told that they could possibly go home at the 72 hour hearing.  That means Monday. If they go home you get no clothing allowance. That is why it is good to garage shop throughout the year and have some clothing available. I got rid of all my stocks of clothing and miss them! The girls came with a basket of clothing, most of it useless at this time. On the top were winter coats. What is up with the winter clothing? There were about 5 t-shirts and the rest was winter clothing and boy clothing. I asked if they had a brother and they said no. I got the impression that this was their clothing. I need to ask on Monday. Most of it I repacked and put away to send back. I then went shopping for a few outfits. They didn't have any pj's or shorts. If they stay past the 72 hour hearing then we will get the $100 placement clothing allowance.

If this is really a short term placement I will be curious to see what short term is. The 5 year old will start kindergarten next month and I hate that she will have to transfer school. That is a disadvantage of placing out of county.

So, yes, I am eating my words.

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