Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I get easily distracted. I have been working on our attached garage. Purging the unattached garage was easy. Stuff that had been stuffed in there had been sitting there a very long time. Stuff in the attached garage is more recent and more likely stuff that I don't want to get rid of.

Then comes along a distraction. We got a new kitty. It has been a while since Pooky Bear passed away and I was ready for a baby. We seem to do so much better with cats. She is already litter box trained. We still haven't named her, we aren't even she it is a her. Any name suggestions?

Another distraction, keeping that grandbaby fed. He loves to eat.

Tuesday and Wednesdays we have Vaida. She sure is a character and we all love her to bits.

What could be cuter, toddlers and kittens.

Orthodontist appointments keep me going. They want to put braces on Emma and back on Michelle. Honestly, I am making payments on two sets of braces now (already paid for phase one of Michelle's) and am not prepared for 4 orthodontist bills at this time.

I am still running the shop. Next weekend with be the last. I have a lot of people who are not happy with me. This last Saturday we had parties from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm. This coming weekend the parties start on Friday night and we are double booked for several party times. I have had to bring Tasha out of retirement for the final day. As I am decluttering the garage, I am trying to take down my shop. A challenge.

Saturday after painting all day I came home to the garage. I am trying to make a sewing/painting/playing area. My garage just isn't big enough. Then it came to me, make a small elevated play area for Benjamin. His toys are different than the older kids stuff. I went to sleep with the idea and woke up Sunday with it still brewing. By Monday it had totally fermented. John and I had a date planned so we did lunch and a movie. Then comes the big distraction, when we got home I went to Lowe's.

John helped me cut the pieces of wood. Normally he stays out of the way as he knows once I get an idea I don't stop. However, this time he helped.

After a few hours we had this built. Yes, the railing goes all the way up. It will prevent problems with climbers and kids throwing stuff down.

I remembered I had some lights in the garage pile and went to bed with this loft area built.

This morning I got going early for a doctors appointment and stopped at Lowe's on the way home (I went to Lowe's for various projects 6 times in 3 days).

I needed to design a ladder that was toddler safe but didn't take too much room. You can see this space from the kitchen and dining room table.

I have some fine tuning to do before it is completely done. He loves it. Actually, all the kids do, I have caught all of them up there playing with cars. Today I brought home some pieces from the shop, not everything will fit but I am using what I can.

The purge continues....with a few distractions.

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  1. Your kitten is adorable. Wish hubby would let me have one. You are super talented. Love the new play area.