Friday, October 7, 2016

Unstoppable Weather

The morning started off with sporatic drizzling. The type of drizzle that is annoying; your windshield wiper is either too fast or too slow, never just right. As the day progressed the sporatic rain got harder and harder. It is now after midnight and it is raining pretty steady. We have been told that the worse rain and wind will come around 2 am. I will be in bed by then.

We are far enough from the coast that we don't get the brunt of the wind or storm surge. Last year at this time we had an unusual tunnel of rain that caused massive flooding. Our state still hasn't fully recovered from that. Thankfully, they aren't expecting that type of a situation this time around. By Sunday we expect to have beautiful weather once more.

Any of my readers impacted by this hurricane? If so, I hope that you are staying safe.

To others, what weather issues impact your lives?

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  1. From Orlando we were a bit scared of the storm but it thankfully wobbled enough east to spare us and our coast from massive damage. I live only about 40 miles from the coast.