Thursday, October 6, 2016


I have carved out time to do some new paintings. I will be putting my fox in my Etsy shop, whenever I get that going! I have given myself a timeframe of October 15th. Lets see if I get it going!

I decided to offer a fall painting so this will be painted at our studio later this month.

We try to open for childrens paintings so will be painting this cat this Saturday (unless a hurricane hits). It is fun with glow in the dark paint in the eyes and moon.

We also will have a wine painting class, painting pumpkins.

We took off for the orthodontist which requires donuts along the way.

It was determined that Larissa needed braces....that very day. They have been following her for almost 2 years (she goes in every 6 months). She has teeth that are trying to come in the roof of her mouth. She has challenges because of the underdevelopment of her mid-face. He is hoping to avoid surgery with braces. 

We have quite a bit of  weather heading our way. Highways have lanes being reversed so that the coast can be evacuated. Schools have been closed so that people who are evacuated have a place to stay. Yesterday the weather was gray and dreary, today it is bright sunshine filled blue skies. It is possible for rain to start tomorrow. It was a year ago that this area in SC had major flooding. Some areas still haven't recovered from the flooding. The bridge past our house is still under construction. Hopefully we will just get some rain and light winds. 

Any of my readers evacuated because of the hurricane?

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