Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Catching Up

We didn't have any damage at our house from the hurricane. We didn't even lose power. However, many of our neighbors lost power for a few days. We had a friend for church come over and eat a hot meal. She is living in a hotel at this time and didn't have power. She lives with her husband in a hotel while they save up to rent an apartment. They both work full-time. Yes, there are people here in America who work hard and can't afford to rent a place. Sad and frustrating.

Although we had power at our home, I didn't have power at my shop. I had a birthday party scheduled for Saturday that was moved to Sunday. I typically don't do Sunday parties but this was weather related. Once I realized that I still didn't have power Sunday morning I called the parent and we discussed the situation. We went ahead with the party since it was a bright beautiful day and the lighting in the shop is great. We did have to supply a flashlight for the bathroom. Let me tell you, birthday parties are critical....they must go on!

I am enjoying doing these painting parties. I ask what the kid wants to paint and I do a custom painting for their party. The most interesting request so far has been a panda with a galaxy background.

Sarah is home for a few days for fall break while John is about to be gone for a few days doing his disaster relief operations. He will be home nights since this is a local disaster.

I have been having crazy thoughts lately of taking some classes so there might be a change coming to our household. Not sure yet, feeling compelled and torn. I will talk more on that tomorrow after I do a little more research.

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  1. Because you need something to do with your free time LOL