Friday, May 1, 2015

Peeling Walls Again

A while back I tried to paint Larissa's bedroom.  We hit a problem with the paint, when it got wet from the new paint it peeled off.  We peeled a wall and started on some others and then we lost interest and I went to a new project.

Larissa has now decided how she wants her room painted so the walls need to be stripped.

It is slow going because a little one prevents me from spending much time up in her room.

The kids have been helping.  I think that they enjoy spraying the water bottle.

I still don't understand the peeling paint.  I painted that paint and the paint underneath.  Both interior latex paint.  Strange.

Hopefully it will get done soon and I can start painting.  Any guesses what she wants?


  1. Pink and black dance room? Frozen is a great guess too!

  2. Had to eyes saw the title of this post as "Peeing on the Walls Again." I did a classic double take. LOL!