Monday, May 18, 2015

Our Weekend

Our weekend started with a sick baby.  Little Man was running a fever and sat still for more than one minute so I took him to his doctor Friday.  His white blood cell count was elevated so he got to go back Saturday morning for a recheck. His blood count was great on Saturday and got to eat two band-aids.

We got to babysit Vaida for the weekend.  We had a great time.  She is growing so fast and getting around.  She is pulling up to standing but doesn't know how to get down.  After falling on a doll and getting a bruise we learned to keep all hard objects away from the couch.

Little Man thinks that it is his job to feed Vaida.  She is also willing to have him feed her.  I do believe that these two will enjoy getting into trouble together in the very near future.

Larissa will dress anything that is sitting still....and try to feed everyone.

Jason had some excitement.  He is bartending and gets off work late.  One night he came out to get into his car when two guys tried to rob him.  One of them was fumbling while trying to get his gun while another one tried to get in the back seat of his car.  Jason pealed out of there with two of his car doors open.  He wasn't hurt but sure was scared. Oh, this all happened right next door to the bank...and the video camera.  The camera shows the guys going through his car and then hiding when Jason came out of the building. Yes, they can identify the guys.  One has already been arrested and they are looking for the other one.

Jason came by to chill and talk about his experience.  He is still processing the attempted robbery. 

These things scare me, I can't always keep my kids safe. 

Our busy weekend is followed by a busy week.  We have dance pictures this week with dance recital Saturday.  I also have a GAL visit and an IEP meeting.  Sarah is home from college and needs a new military ID card so we have an appointment for that as well.

I have a lot of projects that I am in the middle of and I can't seem to finish any of them!  I am painting Larissa's room and trying to start a little Etsy business.  Tomorrow I am going to Jason's place to paint his bedroom.  Anyone out there ever finish your projects?  Perhaps I am too ambitious and start too many.

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  1. Band concert tonight, dress rehearsal tomorrow, baseball party Th, recital Friday. Twins just got their first ID's and Jasmine got hers renewed. Mine expires in August.