Monday, May 18, 2015


As I was sitting there in shock at church the father's girlfriend arrived.  I know her.  Not one of those talk daily know her, but a facebook friend.  We went on a Guatemala mission trip together.  I talked with my husband on one side (OK whispered) and a friend on the other side.  Passed notes with Sarah and texted other adult kids.  I wasn't sure if I should say anything or not.  Finally in the end I decided that I would give my friend a short note.  If the situation were reversed I would want to know.

I wrote a short note in cursive.  The kids are younger and I am pretty sure can't read cursive.  I wrote that the kids she was with were half siblings to my baby and handed it to her at the end of the service. After church she asked me if she should tell him.  I told her that she knew him better than I do, would he want to know?  The kids wondered off and she told him.  His eyes got huge as he looked at Little Man.  I wonder if he noticed the resemblance to his younger son like I did.

We talked for a few minutes and he agreed that he wanted the kids to meet at some point.  His oldest son was told about Little Man at school but the younger two don't know about him.  I told him that we would respect his choice and allow him to make the decision when to tell the younger kids.

Today I have been talking with my friend a lot.  They were not aware that the mom is back in town. Actually she is in the next town over, where he lives. There have been issues with harassment in the past so it is good that they know.

Yes indeed, it is a very small world.