Friday, May 8, 2015

Busy/typical Day

Today was a busy day.

Our living areas are baby proofed. Little Man is allowed to get into the cabinets and take out pots and pans. He has access to the pantry where he has a box of cups he likes to match up.

Sometimes I forget that he can climb onto the table and today I left some Teddy Grahams there.  He poured them out and then worked hard at picking them up.

Little Man has access to the diapers and wipes.  He will bring you a diaper when he needs a change, today he decided to cover the floor with them.

Wipes, he likes to clean surfaces with them, sometimes he is very enthusiastic.

Little Man is a very busy boy.  He leaves pots, pans, cups, diapers, wipes, food and anything else he can get into scattered everywhere. He is learning how to pick up but most of it falls on me.  I let him get into these things.  He plays very well and explores his world all day until he finally goes to sleep around 8 pm.

Typically he takes one nap during the day.  That is when I recharge my batteries.  I should get something accomplished during that time but that doesn't happen every day. Many days that is when I take a shower.  Today I decided to paint so I didn't get a shower today.

Most of my "me" time happens in the evening.  Typically I don't get to bed before midnight, typically I post late as well so when you catch grammatical errors that is why!

Curious, when do other moms find "me" time?


  1. Almost always at night, as well. And the occasional lunch out with a friend. Most days, I never even have time to sit down! I just adore Little Man's hair!

  2. Always at night or during naptime. Little man sounds just like my 2 yr old.