Monday, September 22, 2014

Play Time

Summer is quickly coming to a close and the kids are trying their best to squeeze every bit out of it before winter sets in.

I purchased one of those pop up tents used.  The poor thing is slightly bent out of shape.  However, that did not take away from the kids fun.  As soon as they saw it they set up house and asked to spend the night in it.

The weather was warm enough that they swam most of the weekend.

Apparently the objective of this game is to stay on top of the ball, not an easy thing to do.

Sometimes I wonder what their memories will be of these days.  There are times that they fight terribly and times that they play together so well.  Will they remember those times when they cooperated fondly?  At the very least I have pictures to prove that there were times of great joy and cooperation!

It surprised me that they actually spent the night in the little play tent.  They ate, slept and played in that little $5 play tent.  I am tempted to search for a used tent to keep on the porch for the fall.

When I was little I remember sleeping in the yard in a tent.  Anyone else do the same?

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  1. They look like they had a blast. When I was younger, I would go to my cousins' house a lot. We would all beg to sleep on the trampoline. Then one by one, we would all end up inside for the night. I don't remember ever staying out there all night!