Thursday, September 11, 2014

Emma is 8

Emma requested a puppy cake. Not sure exactly what she wanted but she was happy with what I made.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Commercial ad score one.  She asked for this snack cup several times.  I said that I don't buy that stuff on TV, they had it at KMart. She also requested Barbie and Monster High dolls.  I also got her a Barbie comforter set and a fingernail set.  She was pretty happy with her gifts.

She requested the eye and she got the eye.  Cake was pretty tasty with too much frosting.

For her birthday dinner Emma picked Moe's.

It is hard for me to believe that Emma is 8 years old.  Why does 8 seem so much older than 7?  Once again my baby is growing up and although it is a good thing, it is also sad for me.  These kids of mine just seem to grow up too fast. 

For a long time I have said that Emma was emotionally much younger than her age.  This year she has closed the gap, I'd say that she is only about a year younger emotionally, she had a huge growth over the summer.

Interesting to me is that she recognizes that she is in a happier place as well.  Her crying fits have decreased dramatically and her willingness to cooperate has improved so much. She loves to follow her dad around in the garden and help him.  She is my only child who liked to pull weeds.  Perhaps she needs a little garden of her own next year.

I look forward to what the next year will bring....Happy Birthday Emma Rose.


  1. So good to hear of how she is maturing! Love when their little hearts start to settle.