Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Asked

Over the last year we have been taking a lot of short term placements waiting for our adoption homestudy to be completed.  Some placements were as short as a week or two.  They were short because a family member had stepped forward and DSS had to do a quick homestudy on them before they would allow the child(ren) to go with them.

We had two little ones for two weeks.  After they went with their grandma I asked DSS for a specific placement.  I don't normally do that but I was having the itch for a baby.  I asked for a bitty baby who would be a short term placement.   A baby who was waiting for a family homestudy to be completed.

I just wanted to have a few weeks cuddling with a little one and then allow him to go with family.  We aren't looking to adopt a bitty baby.  We are looking to adopt a school age child or sibling group.

I got what I asked for a very short time later.  A bitty baby at the hospital.  Sarah and I had to go and take a pediatric CPR class before we could bring him home.  We sure loved cuddling that little one.  Tasha and Ethan came to town to get some baby cuddling practice.  Then two weeks passed.  Then a month.  Then we were told that the family member was not approved.

OK, this would be a little longer as we wait for mom to do what she needed to do.  So we wait.  Almost 7 months later we are still waiting.  This short term placement is not turning out to be so short term. 

We have all fallen in love. 

This little one is going to be a hard one to let go. 

Our hearts are going to be broken.

I really need to be careful with what I ask for in the future!


  1. Oh man, I stomach goes in knots thinking about it. I will be praying for God's best for little guy, and that He would bring peace and comfort to your hearts as you continue to love him as long as he is with you.

  2. Our first placement was a 2 month old baby who left at 9 mos to go to a great grandmother. That was very hard on all of us!!! You watch all the big milestones and then they are suddenly gone.