Monday, September 29, 2014

School Struggles

Larissa is struggling in school, especially in math. This is how she feels about math homework.....

Anthony has challenges with math but his isn't quite as severe. He also has an IEP with gives him extra support in school. I feel that Larissa's seizures and sleep issues are having an effect on her processing abilities.

Sometimes Anthony offers to help her with math and we allow this because it give him confidence and he understands her struggles the best.  She wants to do well but always feels that she is failing.

One day Larissa came to me after school and told me that she cried in class that day.  I asked her why and she said that the boy in class who is supposed to help her got mad at her for it and was mean to her.  He didn't want to help her.

I called her teacher and asked about the incident.  She knew that Larissa was crying in class but didn't know why.  I asked why a student was given the responsibility to help her.  If she has such issues in math she should be receiving services.  It is crazy to put that responsibility on a child who should be learning himself.  I don't think that it is fair for either child. 

Her teacher also told me that she is confused because Larissa had 100 in science last week but then this week she got a zero on a test.  Then she talked about Larissa being tired in class and how she has to wake her all the time.  It is frustrating for me because I could tell when she wasn't functioning well and adjust our schooling around it.  Her teacher has to wake her all the time and then wonder why she can't function.

My next call was to the district psychologist to ask when we were going to meet to get Larissa some services.  I told her that having a student helping her in class is not an appropriate response.  Thankfully I was able to get the wheels rolling and we have a meeting the end of this week.  This week I have to get her to her doctor to get yet another letter of all of her diagnosis's.  I sure hope that this meeting has a better outcome than the last one because I am about ready to pull her out again.

Oh, and Larissa took this selfie and wanted me to share it.  She says that she isn't always pouty.


  1. She is such a beautiful girl, she isn't always pouty. I pray this meeting helps resolve these issues.

  2. Sometimes a peer tutor can be beneficial to both children, but not when there is a real issue. Hope you can get things worked out for her.

  3. I'm sorry this is such a frustrating experience for both of you. She has such a beautiful smile. I hope the meeting goes well, and you can get her the help she needs.

  4. Beautiful girl!! Pouty or not! Praying this meeting gets her the services she deserves!