Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Headaches can be so debilitating.   Emma gets some severe ones and they seem to be happening more often.  I asked the school last year to check her eyes to see if that was the issue and they said that she was fine. 

Yesterday she had a very bad headache.  I think that they are migraines.  She gets nauseated and our entire objective is to get her to sleep it off. These headaches are infrequent but seem to be increasing.

Jason gets migraines.  When he was younger, we watched his diet we were able to determine that caffeine triggers them for him.  I haven't been able to determine what is triggering Emma's headaches.  It doesn't help that she sneaks food.  I don't think that she is getting caffeine before each headache but I could be wrong, I have found one of my moms empty Dr. Pepper in her room.  We limit sodas for the kids so she doesn't drink the every day.  I am afraid that it may be very difficult to determine the trigger unless I know for sure what she is consuming.

To cover our bases I made her an eye exam for later this month and called her doctor.  She has an appointment for later in the week.  I will be able to do double duty and get her ADHD medications. 

Getting her to sleep works best.

Emma will turn 8 next year.  It seems that this is the age that Jason was diagnosed with them.  Back then they didn't do much for him.  Basically we found the trigger and avoided it.  I wonder if things have changed since them.  I hope that we can get something that will give her faster relief when she gets them.  I fear that finding a trigger will not be a simple solution like it was for Jason.

Anyone else have a little one with migraines/severe headaches? 

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  1. I had migraines and just toughed them out. No clue what caused them. They decreased in my 30's though. I would also get stress and sinus headaches so lots of fun :( Hope you can figure it out for her.