Sunday, August 17, 2014

Getting Ready

The kids start school tomorrow and spent time this weekend getting ready.

Larissa wanted beads so we picked a pattern and beaded hair.

She wanted the top braided to the side.  Not sure if I did the style she was thinking about or not but she was happy with it.

Anthony wanted a haircut with some hair left on top.  He was happy with the results.  I shaved the sides and then shaved the top using a comb to give depth.  So the top is comb thickness.

Emma is a mess.  She cut her hair again this summer.  She says that she wants it to grow out with bangs.  She really likes her bangs.  So I just trimmed the bangs and left the rest to be trimmed at a latter time when she gets more length.  She then put some tattoos on her forehead which I can see through her bangs.  Her hair will not look like this tomorrow.  I don't know why but she looks so much older to me in this picture....and her cut is terrible.  Anyone know if anything can be done with it?  Open to suggestions.  The more I look at the picture the more I think....ack!  However, it does look better then the year she started school with no bangs at all because she cut them off.

It is strange that Emma seems to be the most fearful about going back to school.  She has come and talked to me several times about it.  I feel some of her fear too.  She has had a lot of gains this summer.  Thankfully her eating habits have gotten so much better and she doesn't feel the need to be hyper vigilant about looking for food.  She has made huge steps in attaching.  In some ways she is still behind emotionally but she has come a long way this summer.  I fear that the return of school will hurt those gains.

Tomorrow I will post their first day of school pictures and hopefully something great will happen with that hair!

I didn't get a picture of Michelle.  I had trimmed her hair the other day.  She is trying to grow her hair out and just wanted it evened out.


  1. Must say all the children look great and larissa hair is adorable. Pray they all have a great year.

  2. Can you do it like the little boy on Eight is Enough?