Saturday, August 16, 2014


At this point I am so frustrated with the school.  At the end of the 2012-13 school year we meet for Larissa.  They acknowledged that Larissa had OHI (other health impairment) but that she didn't qualify for services.  At the time Larissa was really struggling to cope with school and no solutions were found so we decided to homeschool for the 2013-14 school year.

Larissa decided that she wanted to go back to school for the 2014-15 school year so I started working on getting her services so that she could be successful.  She was taken off of all medications except for seizure medications in an effort to control her seizures.  The hope was that if her seizures were under control, then she could function better in class.  When she was homeschooled she did not need the anxiety or ADHD medications. 

We got new testing completed and sent it to the school last April.  We met in May and they said that she qualified for services and that we would meet right before school started.  I reminded them that they had previously said that she didn't qualify.  The district psychologist insisted that she did.

We met on Thursday.  The district psychologist said that she then realized that Larissa didn't qualify and that we would have to start all over with seeing if she qualified.  This was supposed to be a meeting to determine what services we could get for her so that she could be successful.  Instead it was a meeting to sign papers to request an evaluation.

So, Larissa is starting school on Monday with no services, no anxiety medication and no ADHD medication and a new diagnosis of a sleep disorder.

I was livid.  I still am.  I can't start her on a new medication and send her to school.  I need for the teacher to know her before making any changes.  They were planning on putting her in a self-contained classroom where me, her neurologist and Larissa herself felt she could function the best.

Larissa knows that she is going to a regular classroom.  I told her that we felt she could do well in that classroom.  I do like her teacher.  I want for Larissa to feel that this was the plan for her so that she won't worry. 

I think that the school principal realized that they had dropped the ball and she offered to do homebound schooling.  I didn't want to do that.  Larissa wants to go to school.  I don't understand why they feel that she qualifies for medical homebound but no accommodations at school.

the school counselor remembers very well the challenges that Larissa had in first grade.  The accidents, wandering the hallways, headaches, sleeping in lunch, sleeping at recess, crying and other avoidance tactics.  She promises me that she will make sure that things don't get that bad this year.  I told them that I have no qualms with pulling her out again if need be. 

So I worry for her while putting on a happy face for her.  I pray that she will be able to function.  I just don't know how the sleep issues will effect her.  I hope that they do react quickly if she struggles.

I am so frustrated with the entire situation.


  1. i have anxiety just reading about that for her! :( poor larissa. you're doing the right thing putting on the 'this was totally the plan all along' face for her....she will pick up on your hesitations/anxieties despite it, probably, but what else can you do? i'm 27 & suffer with anxiety/ptsd, but thankfully it was never a problem in school - it's only now i'm in grad school that it's out of control to the point i'm doing it by distance (homebound). not fun! i will be praying that her first day back is a complete success, & that her teacher is someone she feels safe with & is able to learn & develop to her full potential.

    i started reading your blog a few weeks ago, can't remember where i was linked from(!), but just wanted to say i think you do an amazing, incredible job at parenting your kids <3

  2. It's crazy. You will just have to stay right on top of it and do whatever it takes for her to be successful even if you do end up homeschooling. Sigh.