Monday, August 18, 2014

Dear Mom

When I received your text today I was thankful that you let me know that there was no need to take Little Man to DSS today.

I texted you back, I said that I hope that you are feeling better soon.

I was tempted, but didn't say that it has been a month, too long.

Since you last saw your son he has.....

Learned how to sit,

Learned how to crawl,

Learned how to use his vocal chords to "talk",

Learned how to feed himself a baby biscuit,

Learned how to smile and laugh socially,

Learned how to make noise on some of his toys.

He is also learning that I am mom, he needs to be learning that you are mom.

This is hard to do when you don't show up.

He will be 6 months old soon, you have missed more than 2 months of his life.

Wonder if I should text mom back.


  1. Crazy. If they took my baby I'd be yelling for more visits so I didn't miss so much.

  2. Maybe she needs a push? Someone to encourage her to visit? Maybe she thinks it is best for him not to? Or too painful for her? I don't know that I could resist a text back to feel her out or outright ask why she chooses not to visit. So hard for all.

    1. I am not sure why she doesn't visit. She talks and says all the right things but then she doesn't have any follow through. When she missed the last 4 weeks in a row I even called her and talked to her. I told her that if she went to court right now she wouldn't get her kid back. I talked about attachment and how she needs to visit with him so that he knows her when he goes home. I sent pictures, videos and updates. She came back and visited for 2 weeks. Then she started missing again and has now missed for 3 weeks. How much am I supposed to encourage her to visit?

    2. Yikes. Looks like you already have and she isn't interested. Is she young? Sounds to me like she has already let him go and just talks the talk because it sounds better. Poor baby boy. :-(