Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Simple Summer

We have spent our summer playing.  We don't have much of a budget this summer to do much traveling so we stay home.  We hope to make a trip to Florida next month if we don't have too many more emergencies.

We have not had a working air conditioner for several weeks and it seems to slow me down.  I just don't like this high heat and humidity in my house.  Yes, I am spoiled.  The part has arrived so hopefully tomorrow they can get the air conditioner to work.

I attended a meeting at DSS yesterday that was new to me.  It was a meeting by a contracting agency that gets the family working together to support the foster child's family so that the child can go home to a positive environment with supports in place.  I was invited to come by little man's mom.  She missed another visitation last week and I really got onto her for that.  She is really close to getting her baby back and I would hate to see her sabotage that by not visiting.  Thankfully she came this week.

Little man is growing like a weed.  He is now 4 months old and weighs 15 lbs.  He loves to swim.  I wish I could post his video for you but I can't.  He kicks those chubby legs and splashes up a storm.  He swims like a little fish (with me holding him of course).

Larissa is still struggling with seizures.  She is tired all the time and I am not sure if it is seizures or the medication.  We had to cut one of her medications back because it was making her miserable.  The other day she fell asleep in the car when we were with friends.  Their son noticed her having a seizure and it scared him.  He started screaming that her eyes were rolling back.  She was supposed to have a 24 hour seizure study tonight but they called and changed it to next week.  I hope that we can get some answers from that.

I found a snake in the pool!  I don't do snakes, even the good ones. 

We took the kids to town one night and tried out a new to us restaurant.  The lack of air conditioning in my house makes me less interested in cooking.

We had friends over for the 4th of July.  We had a few fire works and sparklers for the kids.  We had lots of great food and great fellowship.

Larissa went to a one week dance camp this summer.  She wants to try out for the Nutcracker this year and she had to attend camp to do so.

Kassi and I went out with Sarah to celebrate our June birthdays.  Just a warning, my birthday is June 25th and that is the mid-point to sliding into Christmas!  Are you ready?

The kids have spent a lot of time in the pool.  Emma is the only child who has not taken the deep end test so she can't go in the deep end or down the slide.  I honestly think that she can swim from watching her but she is afraid to take that leap. For our kids to go in the deep and and use the slide they have to jump into the deep end and swim to the ladder.  Last year Larissa did it first followed by Michelle.  Anthony finally did it this summer.  Now we wait for Emma.

My kids have less than 6 weeks until school starts.  They start on August 18th.  Our summer is flying by.

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