Friday, July 25, 2014


New CBD Law in SC

Doing some research on cannabis to find that our state actually signed a bill for the use of CBD (cannabis oil) in June.  It isn't actually available at this time but seems like a move in the right direction.  I actually plan on asking Larissa's neurologist about it when we meet with him in August.

I am open to the idea.  At this time she takes 6 pills a day to control the seizures yet she is still having seizures.  She should be taking 7 but the 7th pill made her feel miserable.  We have actively looked for a treatment for her seizures while she was homeschooled.  This gave me the opportunity to see the effects of the medication at home versus relying on a teacher.  I am frustrated because we have not had any improvement.

Some medications make her tired, some irritable, some change her personality.  None have stopped the seizures.  If CBD is able to control the seizures without the negative side effects then I am all for using it.  It may be a battle I have to do one day.

Thanks to those who communicated with me off the blog.  I appreciate your input.

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