Sunday, July 20, 2014

Once Again EEG

Once again we found ourselves at the hospital doing a overnight EEG on Larissa. As usual John does the hospital stay and I do the home front.

We knew that Larissa was still having seizures.  However, we thought that there had been some improvement.  She used to fall asleep and immediately have seizures.  She hasn't been doing that except in the car.  However, around 1 am she started having small seizures and by 2 am she was having her big ones.  John had to stay up to mark when he noticed her seizing.  He noted at least 10 seizures.

We have spent the last year trying to get her medications under control so she could have a better school experience this year.  So that she wouldn't be tired all the time.  So that her mood could improve with sleep.  So that some of her learning issues could improve. So that her capability to retain information could improve.

However, we feel as though we haven't had any improvements.  We are frustrated.  Some of the medications she has tried has had nasty side effects.  Some of them have changed her personality.  We try very hard to balance the effects of the medication with the results.  She currently takes 6 pills a day and still seizes.

The after effects of the EEG are bad hair with glue stuck in it!   

Wondering if we should move to Colorado.


  1. Hope you get the answers you need.

  2. 23 states now allow marijuana for medical conditions including seizures, maybe yours will be next.