Monday, July 28, 2014

Michelle is Nine

Time is flying by, Michelle is now nine years old.   Seems like just yesterday she walked in my door as a six year old.  Her request for a birthday cake was colorful with pink.  I don't like the taste of pink frosting so I chose to do pink accents.  She was happy with it.

 I have a hard time shopping for Michelle because she has a difficult time deciding what she wants, typically she asks for what Larissa has.

All the girls love Minster High dolls.  KMart had a clearance sale and last years dolls were selling for $3.75 and $4.50.  Since I don't afford the original price of the dolls they don't have many.  She was delighted with her dolls.

Mystery gift......

An Under Armor shirt.  She has specifically asked for this line of clothing before. Yes, I ran out of wrapping paper and used newspaper.  Since it gets torn apart and thrown in the trash it works.

She did ask for a specific Josefina American Girl doll book.  I was able to find the whole set for $15 on Ebay, it doesn't look used.  Whoever owned them before never read them.  She is delighted with her book collection and carries it around.

My birthday gift budget is $50/kid.  I have decided that kids have too much to take care of and don't need a lot of extra stuff to deal with.  I bought all of her gifts for $40. 

Her colorful cake, which didn't last 12 hours in our house.

We had a very low key birthday, we ate at her restaurant of choice and then had cake and presents with family.  It worked out well, no stress and lots of fun.  I guess having many siblings helps.

At this moment the youngest 4 are 7, 8, 9 and 10.  That will change in August when Anthony turns 11.  Then in September Emma and Larissa have their birthdays.  


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