Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mom to Many

Some days I feel that I have just a few kids and other days I feel as though I have a dozen.  This last week I have felt like a mom to many.  Lots of things going on with kids.  See if you can keep up....

I believe it started with the letter in the mail telling me that our car insurance would not be renewed because of some tickets that Jason got over a year ago.  He has not had any claims/accidents in 9 years but because of some tickets 1-3 years ago they have now decided to cancel.  Yuck.  I did some research and decided that at this time I would just get him a separate policy.  He is unemployed right now after getting laid off right before our Disney trip.  Not having insurance is not an option.  Still, I was not happy with our insurance company since we have been with them for so long.  I guess I could understand it if Jason had accidents.  Jason had a job interview last week so I hope that he is gainfully employed soon!  He is also looking at going back to school for welding because he is tired of not having a good skill for employment.

Tasha is now working two jobs in Charleston.  She is working at a chicken joint and a place called Bubba Gump Shrimp.  She is dealing with her college application and residency issues.  Deploying with a North Carolina National Guard unit is complicating things for her.  Naturally paperwork is at our house so scanning and emailing is happening. Hopefully she can get everything straightened out and get into class this fall.

Sarah is enrolled in her college, has housing selected and I have gotten all the financial aid done.  I ended up doing a Parent Plus loan this year since I had such short notice.  Next year I will be better prepared and find more options for paying for school.  I am surprised that they are willing to do the loan when I put unemployed on the application.  Any suggestions for finding funding for next year would be appreciated. 

Thursday John and Sarah are heading off to her college to attend orientation.  They will be back on Friday so I will have a short stint as a single parent.  I was going to go with Sarah but couldn't get someone to take care of my mom.  John does not change my mom.

Kassi stopped by to get her stuff.  She is living with a friend and I guess they are looking to get an apartment together.  Neither girl has a job so that should be interesting.  I hope that things go well for them.

Thursday Joselin is moving back home.  Yes, that is right, she is coming home to work on her GED.  She has decided that she needs more of an education.  She would like to get into a community college.

It has been decided that the respite care kids will stay here.  They have court on Monday and from what I understand it is very possible that the 12 year old will go with family.  We really won't know until Monday because you just never know what the judge will do.

Yesterday I was asked to do respite in August and then received a call for placement of a 2 year old boy.  I had to say no to the placement and I don't know to the respite because who knows what will be going on in a month.

In a bit of good news, the family room still looks pretty good, my mom is getting an extra 5 hours a week of personal care and John went on a job interview last week.

Well, other than that, like is pretty boring around here.  Were you able to keep up with my life these days?

How is your summer coming along?  Have a great evening.

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