Friday, July 26, 2013

Go to Lowe's This Weekend

We are heading to Lowe's this weekend to make this car......

I love a free activity.  The last activity we made Monster boxes.  They were really cool.

So who else has made it to Lowe's to make a free project?

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  1. Kaleb and Jasmine went this morning. Kayla decided to see how much water she could sneak and she's had FIVE major accidents that we know of in the past five days. And she hides it and walks around in totally soaked clothes saying she splashed herself washing her hands etc. I limit her water because she can't hold much at all (no medical conditions involved) but she thinks it's funny to sneak water. Losing this activity and the chance to be in the youth center play was not so funny. But if you can't obey, you can't go. Those people don't need to deal with huge puddles of pee anywhere. Oops, guess I'm unloading on your blog :) Anyway, the two had fun with the project and I hope yours did too. Photos on my blog in the next day or so.