Saturday, July 13, 2013

After a Day of Organization

After much organizing and throwing away of "stuff" I am finished for the day.  Sarah says it will be right back to clutter tomorrow.  My 4 with ADHD can do quite a bit of damage by themselves, they don't need any foster kids to help.  (During the summer I try not to medicate.  Anthony and Larissa especially are very thin and I would love for them to gain some weight.)


A lot of the work was finished after the kids went to bed.  It is impossible to throw anything away when they are on watch.

A lot of time was spent on the books.  I could use a little more shelving or less books.  John thinks we should go for less books but I have a hard time doing that.

The only area that needs more work is my desk area.  Sorry no pictures!  Then I get to move onto another area of the house while the kids work at destroying this area. 

As for why the kids don't pick up, we try.  You try getting 4 ADHD kids to stay on task during pick up time.  The distractions are numerous and compounded by the number of children in the room.  Actually, it doesn't normally look as bad at the pictures show.  Taking apart the ramp and adding some smaller child toys added a lot to the was bad though.

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  1. We always ended up with too much of everything so when a foster child would leave to go back home I'd load them down with books, stuffed animals and whatever I wanted to clear out :) The kids didn't mind getting rid of stuff if it was going with a child.