Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Spot of Sun

How is the weather where you are? Here it is rain, rain and more rain. I think it has been raining for a month or so now. I bought the kids this water toy a while back and haven't had an opportunity to break it out....

Today we had a moment of sun so we put it up.  It only took two different compressors, one hand pump and some of my hot air to get it inflated.

I have to say that going on the stomach using the little raft they provided worked best.

They did try different options.

Backwards didn't work too well.

Neither did sitting on their knees.


Twirling was definitely out!

And then the rain came in.  I headed inside and they played for a while longer.  Not sure if they found any other successful sliding positions.

For dinner Sarah cooked a new chicken recipe which the kids loved and ate it all so no left overs.  Afterwards we headed to our local movie theater to watch Despicable Me 2. John said that he came along to keep me company and ended up really enjoying it.  It is a funny movie. 

The movie theater was packed so we sat behind the kids.  They sat and ate their kid packs the entire movie and had no behavior problems.  It is nice to be able to take the kids to these types of activities and just have a good time. 

We had a great was yours?


  1. Our roads are flooded so traffic is awful. Rain everyday. Fireworks rescheduled for Aug 31!!

  2. I hear ya. The girls had their visit cancelled at the last minute, so in order to deter the drama we also took them to see that movie... kid packs in hand they were pretty good throughout with only a few issues... they just don't get that you can't have seconds everywhere you go.