Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hair Days

By demand......poufs!

This girl can get some good size poufs.....she loves them.


  1. We love afro puffs (as our good friend George calls them). Doing Abigail's hair is both a great bonding experience and something I'm proud I learned to do!

    I LOVE her poufs. They look beautiful!


  2. Yes, doing hair is a great bonding time. My biggest challenge isn't cornrowing, beading or braiding but finding good products for her hair. It seems like as Larissa is getting older I need to change hair products.

  3. Yeah I don't have issues with the braiding and stuff. I'll link you to what we use. The woman who did these products also wrote a book I read. We use regular moisturizing shampoo, then the conditioner and dew moist spray. :) We get tons of compliments on her hair and how healthy it is.
    It's worth it (we think). Also the moisturizer is great for shorter hair (boys or girls with a short afro).