Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hair Days

Normally I do a new hairstyle for Larissa over the weekend, however since we will be travelling next weekend we did a mid-week session. Doing Larissa's hair is quite a production.

First we start with the bath where lots of moisturizers are added. I have tried many different products and still haven't anything that I am thrilled with. I have had the most success with conditioners that include olive oil so am trying some new hair care products when I find them.

Larissa has a lot of hair. Last summer, when we spent a month in a hotel and she was going through a period of screaming when I touched her hair, I decided to cut off at least 5 inches for our sanity.

We have a very strict routine that we follow that includes lots of bribery. Today the bribery was m&m's. We also take this time to lotion up and do lots of cuddling. After we are done with her hair, Larissa walks around the house and shows everyone her new hairstyle. She just beams as everyone tells her how nice her hair looks.

This style took me 1 1/2 hours.

We try to have fun with colors, beads, barettes and such. I can honestly say that out of all my girls, I have spent the most money on Larissa's hair products.

I hope to post her new hairstyle each week.

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