Monday, March 8, 2010

Where to begin.....

I started this blog a long time ago and never got started because I couldn't decide where to start. Procrastination, I am famous for it. Some of my children share that very same trait. So how do you begin a blog? This isn't a start of any great new beginning in my life, just the middle of my muddle.

I am not perfect in any way; definately not a perfect housekeeper, nor cook, nor parent or wife. My house is a mess, my unmatched sock pile is huge, I sometimes lose my kids school papers.....the list could go on. However, to my children I am mom, I am theirs. And, yes, I am mom to many children. Several biological, one internationally adopted 6 years ago and two adopted from the foster system last year. So, we do get many stares, that is OK, we are a little out of the normal range.

I decided to start a blog to share our life with others and my children that are leaving our home starting their own adventures. Join us as we fumble through life and share some great adventures along the way.

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