Saturday, August 12, 2017

Anthony is 14

Anthony turned 14 today. He requested a Reeces peanut butter cake. I haven't made peanut butter frosting before, it came out quite tasty.

Anthony was delighted with his cake. *Yes he has gotten quite a bit taller than me!

I didn't know how far the frosting would go so I made a double batch. There was a lot of extra frosting so the kids dipped peanut butter cups into it. 

It is hard to believe that he is going into his last year of middle school.He is growing up so fast and has made great strides in the last year in many areas. Academically he is on his way to his high school diploma and he has come a long way in controlling his anger. He is getting so tall at 5'7" and right now is wearing a size 11 shoe!










Can't find any digital pictures before 2008. Sometime I will need to crack open my closet and see if I can' find his older birthday pictures! Anyone have a closet full of actual pictures? I'd love to get them all digital but that would cost me a small fortune.

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  1. Anthony is growing into such a handsome young man! I hope he had a very Happy Birthday!