Monday, August 17, 2015


We are attempting the bus again for school. I am not sure how many times I have tried the bus in the morning but as I was standing out there in the dark I was reminded that there was a reason why I dropped the kids off at school in the mornings. We were told that Michelle had to be there at 6:05 and they would pick her up on the way north.  Well, the bus went north.....and didn't stop for us. Honestly, if I had the equipment I probably could have clocked the bus going over the speed limit.

I had Anthony preparing for school while I took Michelle out to watch the bus fly by.  We waited a while just in case a different bus was coming.  Anthony was told to be at the corner at 6:35 so we ran in and got him.  I thought for sure that Michelle's bus would come by when I was getting Anthony.  I was sure that the driver was hiding around the corner waiting for me to turn away.

We got back to the corner and Anthony's bus came at the exact time that they said they would be there, nice, thank you.

Last year I dropped the kids off at 7 am.  We waited until 7:15 before I called the transportation office.  I wanted to make sure that they didn't miss us.  I have learned to take my cell phone with me, there was a time I forgot to bring it and was left standing on the corner until sweat dripped off my nose.

Transportation called the bus, I could hear the voicemail answer.  Nice to know that in an emergency we will not be able to contact the bus.  Good to know that in advance.

Thankfully the bus showed up 5 minutes later.  When I asked what time to expect her tomorrow she said that she didn't know.  I think that i will aim for 7:10.

I am wanting the kids to take the bus because I don't want to have to wake the baby this year to take the kids to school.  I would also have to wake Larissa and that would partially defeat the purpose of homeschooling.  Emma, well she was up at 5:30.  Obviously my morning kid.

We did get some areas organized and were pretty much ready to go today.

Later I received a call from adoptions.  We are meeting tomorrow afternoon to sign the intent to adopt and they want our lawyer to send a Letter of Representation. I called our lawyer and he had us come in this afternoon to fill out some paperwork.

We come home to Emma tied up.....she was happy about it so we let it be.

And how was your Monday?

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  1. We got lucky this year...same bus, same driver, same route. School starts 5 minutes earlier this year and gets out 5 minutes earlier. The only schedule change is that the bus arrives home 8 minutes earlier. Yes, please! Also lucky for us, it was on time on the first day. I hope your bus was better today.