Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Do You Want to Talk Money?

I know that people are curious as to adoption subsidies yet no one wants to talk about it. Yesterday when adoptions called she told me that they had the legally cleared letter, we have been selected, and that we need to negotiate the subsidy.  As required she asked me if we would adopt without a subsidy.  Honestly, I told her yes. After a moment of silence she said that she needed a dollar amount.

Our state is one of the lowest states for subsidies, the subsidy for an infant is $332.  We have been receiving a little more, $380, to offset the cost of transporting him to the heart specialist in Columbia and for the fact that he can't go to childcare so needed a full-time stay at home mom.  They either give extra subsidy or they have to do paperwork to reimburse for mileage after every appointment.  Giving the extra subsidy is easier for them. Little Man is eligible for a subsidy because of several factors; family history of mental illness, his heart condition and the fact that his biomom did drugs and drank while pregnant.  Sometimes things come up after the adoption, Larissa was not diagnosed with epilepsy when we adopted her.

We have been told that the amount to start with is the current foster board payment.  Generally they will then offer a little below that.  However, my husband and I had already discussed it and had decided to ask for $300. We could have asked for a little more but felt that $300 was fair. The negotiation has started and I assume that they won't lower it, however they may. Little Man will also be covered by Medicaid.  We have our own insurance and sometimes that actually causes a conflict. However, that are lots of families that need it so it is great that children who are adopted from foster care will always be covered by insurance.

My husband is out of town this week so we can't meet until next week. Our adoption worker is going to call me after she has finished the subsidy paperwork and the rest of the paperwork.  I am hoping to get to Columbia next week to sign the paperwork.  She also asked me if we needed a lawyer which I said no.  In SC there is a reimbursable allowance for the lawyer of $1500.  Our lawyer doesn't charge us, he simply sends his bill to the state.  Not all lawyers do that.  She also told me that there were open dates for adoption in November, I hope to get it done before then but if not, adoption will be in November!


  1. Yay! So happy Little Man is getting permanency with your family.

  2. Exciting news... Why are subsidy rates so low that is crazy? We are a high needs home currently which offers more specific training and has to have a stay at home parent we get $80 a day for foster... Post adoption we collect all of the medical information from the doctors and the max rate is $35 a day down to $19 a day.

    1. Our board rate has been frozen for years. Seriously, when we foster we lose money because we treat our foster children as our own with activities, clothing and such. When people accuse us of fostering for the money I ger highly insulted. We do it for the kids, we would do it for free if necessary, but we can afford to. Not everyone can. We need foster homes in our state but with that low rate some people can't do it.

  3. People that acuse of fostering for the money have no idea how much we actually spend each month.... Also they have no idea how tired we are :-)

  4. GA and FL are equally low. And like you, we treated them like our own going to Disney and Sea World at our own expense. But GA would reimburse school supplies, field trips and stuff like that. Also a scrapbook and bike helmet. $15 for birthday and $30 for Christmas.