Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easter pinata

I read Kathy Cassel's blog and after reading about her Easter pinata we decided to do one as well. We have been doing some of the family building activities in her book, Just for Me!  My Family.

We have a serious procrastination problem here so I hope that we are able to get it finished in time for Easter of 21015, not 2016.  After watching the kids apply liberal paste while working on it, it may take a long time to dry.

After reading the directions the kids got started.

The kids tore the newspaper into strips.

The little one who has learned how to climb onto the table inspected their work.

Then it was time for dipping the paper strips into the paste.  We made it kind of thick.

Wiping off the excess paste is an art.

This would have been a perfect project for outside if only our weather would cooperate.

I have to say that given the mess and only one bowl to work from the kids worked together very well.  Yes, Michelle is not here, that is a story for tomorrow.

More work needs to be done.  Hopefully it will dry quickly for us!

Paper mache is so much fun!

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  1. What a lot of great helpers!! Love the little guy. Can't wait to see the finished pinata. We have papier mache all over the carpet around our table. Guess we should have worked on a kitchen counter!!