Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sleep Study....again

Larissa is now scheduled for another sleep study at the end of the month.  She is going to a place that specializes in sleep issues and I sure hope that we get some answers. They are going to do a more in depth sleep study and then a nap study the next day (I have never heard of a nap study).  She will go in at 8pm and get out at 4 pm the next day.  John will take the night shift and I will take the day shift.

I received an interesting phone call from them today, they got a copy of Larissa's last sleep study from the neurologist and said that she did have some seizures in her sleep.  The neurologist told me that she was not having any seizures.  However, the amount of seizures and intensity do not explain some of the issues that she has in regards to sleepiness. 

Larissa was asked about dreams and how she feels when she is first waking up.  It was a different line of questioning for her.  She answered his questions and he has some ideas based on her answers.  He is doing the nap study based on her answers.

Sarah shares a room with Larissa and she says that Larissa talks in her sleep and appears to have lots of seizures or sleep disturbances throughout the night.  She says that some nights are worse than others. I sure hope that we can get some answers this time around.  I wish that we had other options for neurologists.  I am not real happy with the care she receives from them.

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  1. It is so hard when you know your child needs better care and you are stuck! Praying they find answers!