Monday, January 14, 2013


We are not happy here in South Carolina.  We thought that we were waiting for a clearance letter for the girls.  The biodad has signed off, the mom has signed off and TPR was completed for the legal dad.  Yesterday we got a letter in the mail from DSS.  This letter was informing us of a TPR hearing for in March!  TPR for the FATHER'S ONLY.  Yes, it had father's only in bold print.  No name.  How many fathers do the girls have?  I am assuming that they are TPRing against any other possible father.  Uh, shouldn't that have been done when they TPR'd on the legal dad?  Why now?

So, April is not going to happen.  Now I am guessing August.  It will not happen before the school year is up.  It will not happen before our planned adoption celebration Disney trip in June.  At this time I can only hope it will happen in 2013. 

We are not happy.  I feel as though DSS has done more harm to these girls than their parents did.  All the moves and then all the delays.  We are in 2013 and still no permanency is in sight.  We had planned on redoing our homestudy in June and looking to adopt again.  We were concerned that they would close our file after the girls were adopted and we would have to redo a lot of stuff.  Well, no concerns there, we will still be active foster parents in June.

I would love to take the kids to the lawyer and have her explain to the girls why they are not adopted yet.  Instead, I am going to the state DSS directors office after I get out of class tomorrow.  I am not going to complain over the phone, I am going in person.  I have dusted off my suit and found my high heels.  I will talk to someone.  I don't expect that any changes will be made for our case or otherwise.  I just feel that my girls need to have a voice.  They are not just case files but girls who need permanency.

This is just crazy. 


  1. How completely AWFUL!!! I'm praying that your voice on the girls' behalf will be HEARD and that you can get some answers...and resolution.

  2. Crazy. I know. Been there. They knew by time Jasmine was a year old that they were going for TPR but it took until she was three and a half for us to adopt her. Hope your walk in visit gets you somewhere. I've realized our state would rather complain about not having adoptive or foster parents than actually certify people.