Friday, January 4, 2013

Back to School

 Christmas break went very well.  There were fights, lying and typical kid behavior but there was also a lot of playing together.  I huge improvement over last Christmas break. (LOL, see Anthony in the background?  He was told not to kick those balls in the house, no denying it this time!)
Larissa got some new books and processed them into her library.  I have to say that the books have been taken care of much better since the library entered our home.  I would suggest having a library in every home. 

I realized today that we do not have a checkerboard in the house.  We received a bunch of poker chips and the kids made up their own checkerboard. 

Shhh....everyone is playing and there is no noise.  That doesn't happen often.

Apparently cats like IPad's too.....
All the kids started back to school on Thursday and I start back on the 11th.  I start student teaching on the 15th and life around here will get very crazy.  I am dreading it in some ways and looking forward to it in other ways.  I just worry how things will go with me being gone during the day.  I am sure that it will be fine, the house will probably survive.  It just means that most of my free time will be gone.  Will I be as patient when I have no down time?  I hope so.
Today my moms case manager came over.....more on my mom tomorrow. 

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  1. There are apps for cats like the catch the goldfish one our cat liked.