Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am Mad

Michelle is finally getting top teeth!  I am not sure if I will recognize her when she finally has top teeth.  I am not sure when she lost them but I do know that she had them pulled.  She was in so many other homes it is hard for me to know when they were pulled. 
The delay in completing the adoption is very much noticed by Michelle.  Every time a worker comes to the house Emma runs off to play.  Michelle does not.  She sits and listens to everything we have to say.  I know that she has learned to do this in the past because of so many moves.  She doesn't want to be caught unaware.  There is still a part of her that is afraid of being moved, she admits it.
We discussed the blotched case and the delay.  I discussed this with her as soon as I found out so it wasn't new to her.  She wants and needs to be informed of her case.  After the social worker left Michelle asked me again what it all meant.  Why was there a delay.  I told her that they didn't do the TPR right the first time so they have to do it again.
Her response, "I am mad."  Yea, me too.


  1. It's hard on kids. Thankfully Jasmine was too young to know it took 3 1/2 years to get all the paperwork right.

  2. Poor kiddo. She has every reason to be mad!

  3. I've got a little guy who came to us at 3 years old and had his four top front teeth pulled (they were rotten from too much candy and soda and no brushing!) and I often think about what he will look like with teeth! I know it impacts his speech too. We have been planning to adopt him and his brothers since they came to live with us in August 2011. We had TPR last May...hopefully it will happen in the next month or so! Waiting, waiting...

    And the middle of the 3 boys is the same way with being very observant! He is the one who most keenly feels that they are not yet totally part of the family until after the adoption. He needs that security!

    Thank you for your blog! It is an encouragement to foster families everywhere!