Monday, May 7, 2018

Where's Felicia?

Busy, she is busy, well I am busy. I am in the middle of twenty projects and am not finishing any of them. Well, I did finish one painting I wanted to do for myself, now I just need to frame it and hang it up.

I need lots of Grace these days. I seem to forget things when I have a lot on my mind, I call it clutter mind.

I did have to request that our last placement be moved. We were having a lot of problems with little guy and new guy and fighting. You know the type, hair pulling, biting, sumo wrestling.  I request that new guy be moved. Two weeks later they still hadn't moved him but he did have a visit. Well, he had a little guy size bite on his arm. When they brought him back that gave me some what for. Well, I reminded them that I had asked for him to be moved for exactly that reason. When little guy comes at you, you don't know if you are getting a hug, kiss or bite. Keeping those two apart is impossible. It took them another week but they did finally find him a placement. Obviously they were annoyed with me, they hardly said a word to me. I told DSS not to call with any placements, I have a biter.

We have been doing some rock painting, we just might have a problem.

Little guy has a special attraction to Cheetos. They are not safe anywhere in the house.

I had a friend take my kids to the zoo. Yes, I enroll the help of friends when I need to get something done.

We got a new yard toy.

Benjamin is simply a crazy boy

Ooops, more rocks out of order and I am not trying to move them up!

Dance continues and we have just a few weeks to go until recital.

Miguel continues to grow. I have a few weeks and then I am hosting a baby shower. Yea, I haven't even started, it will be sports theme if anyone has any great ideas.

I continue to sneak in birthday parties.

Benjamin is in training and loves the scanner.

Another problem our family has, sno cones.

Introducing the youngest to our problem.

I took some kids out to dinner and a movie. We went to go see Infinity War. Everyone liked it.

We are short a bathroom, one is torn apart. Luckily we have 2 1/2 other bathrooms. Not sure when that project will get done. I am also working on the yard and a pathway. I am about broke with that. I have several other small projects going on. Kids will be out of school soon then nothing will get done!

For the next three days we are doing respite care for a baby, itty baby, so even less will get done. Sarah is cooking fajitas so I am taking a quick break, will post later tonight.

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