Sunday, November 26, 2017


First the 4 year old was moved to a therapeutic home and now the 5 year old has been moved to a therapeutic home as well. It was such a frustrating placement. We knew from the very beginning that they had attachment issues as well as other things going on. I messaged their social worker often explaining the issues. Our local DSS got me an appointment with mental health but they were useless. They didn't even give them a proper evaluation. They really needed to have a developmental evaluation. Someone really needed to listen to me! It is so frustrating when they don't listen to me. For that reason we are no longer taking any placements out of our county. The workers in this county seem to have a level of trust in us and our opinions.

After the 4 year old was moved the social worker called me and seemed surprised that the new foster mom was reporting the same behaviors that I had discussed with her for months. It wasn't until an emergency happened that they took action.

I continued to express my concerns with the 5 year old. Well, she finally found the behavior that I couldn't stand, pee. I am not talking about the bedtime peeing, the peeing to smell in bed so I am safe. No, I am talking about the you gave me a consequence so I am going to get back at you and pee on the carpet in my bedroom. She started in the closet then worked her way out. I tried not to let it show how much this bothered me. One night she was mad at me so at bedtime she went up and pulled off her underwear and peed on her bed! It was bedtime so I ignored it. I guess she figured I would clean it up. Well, I didn't, she slept on the corner of her bed. It was at that point that I decided that I had enough and I asked for her to be moved. For a week they kept telling me that they couldn't find a home willing to take her with her behaviors! I am not a therapeutic home. They finally had to move her to a therapeutic home.

She reacted just like her sister, all excited. Her social worker looked at me like seriously kids are normally crying about getting moved. I reiterated her lack of attachment and the severity. I don't even know all the times I asked for help to only be told that she was on a waiting list. We also never heard from the GAL, her advocate. I don't even know who the person is.

I think that this new concept of moving kids all over different counties is good for the children. What good does it do to get a placement if you aren't going to support the child out of county. Both girls are now in their county so I hope that they are getting what they need now. It is going to be a long road with those two, they remind me so much of Emma and Michelle.

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