Tuesday, November 7, 2017


This is the dance crew, they dressed up in their costumes for dance.

I have never had so much drama over costumes before. Michelle wanted me to buy her a Mad Hatter costume. She wanted a very expensive one. I told her that I don't buy expensive costumes like that, but if she digs through the garage and comes up with an idea I would help her with it and buy small accessories. She was mad, said I spent money on Larissa's costume. I explained to her that Larissa's dress was a dollar, the gloves a few dollars and everything else was scrounged up around the house. Her shawl came from the material pile and permanent markers were used to make dots. Her jewelry was her jewelry. The whiteness in her hair came from the face paint in our Halloween box. I spent less than $10 on her costume. Michelle went hunting in the garage and came out with an astronaut outfit. I decided that I would buy a helmet to go with it since I could get one for pretty cheap on Amazon. Sad thing is that helmet didn't even get to be used. Michelle decided to seriously act out the day before Halloween. It always seems to be that way.

Anthony was the cheapest of all, he wore clothing he had and I painted his face.

We had the fewest amount of trick or treaters we have ever had. We ended up going to a trunk or treat at a local church and then just to our neighbors who were looking for the kids.

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