Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Meet Up

Not long ago one of Jason's friend posted a picture of a homeless man she was trying to help. I recognized him right away as Anthony and Larissa's dad. The last time the kids met him was a few years ago so I asked them if they would like to go see him.  They said yes so I started looking for him again. When I couldn't find him in his usual places I contacted the lady who was helping him, she took him to church sometimes. We coordinated a meet up time.

The meeting went well. He was very appropriate with them and talked a long time with them about their salvation, how everything turned out and how it was God's plan. He sang to them and sang with Larissa a bit.

Larissa was more open and Anthony was very quiet. I asked him afterwards how he felt about it and he said it was good to see him.

He is telling Anthony to watch out for his sister here, haha. 

He told each of them some little stories from when they were babies. He told them to listen to their parents, believe in God, do the best that they can do in whatever they do. They visited for about an hour. Listening to him I just had to wonder how life would have been for all of them if drugs had never entered their lives. He said many very appropriate things to them, seemed to really care that they do well. Hugged me and thanked me. Told them again to listen to me. Asked if they could meet up again in a year. He cried, Larissa cried.

It was good