Sunday, June 12, 2016


Wonder why vacation seems like such a chore! We are packing for the mountains and I feel as though I need a UHaul. Perhaps it is because we are taking a lot of kids. Going are Benjamin, Emma, Michelle, Larissa, Anthony, Kassi, Joselin, Sarah, Tasha (with Ethan and Vaida) and Jason. We are taking three cars and we are still struggling to fit everything.

My moms caregiver is coming to spend the week at our house so we are covered. Vacation isn't a simple thing for us and all of the coordination falls on me. However, I plan on going and doing some relaxing and even some painting. (Because I have to for the AG and Art Tour I am in the day we get back).

There may not be any updates while we are gone, Sarah has my laptop.

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