Sunday, June 26, 2016


Sorry for the long break! If you watch my facebook page you will know that we had art camp last week, I am wore out! More on that tomorrow. I will finish our vacation with our rafting pictures. We had a great time and two boat loads. The only problem we have is that we have two little ones so John had to stay back and watch them. Next time he needs to raft.

We hit that big rock and for a moment I thought we might all fall out. However, our weight kept us grounded and we rolled off and away from the rock. My biggest concern was Kassi, she can't swim! I was prepared to help her out if needed.

The other boat went down much smoother. I think that our boat grounded on just about every rock out there. We felt like we needed to go back and catch the others that we missed.

If the picture were taken from the other side you would nitice that Michelle does not have an oar. According to adult eye witnesses she literally dropped it and said "ooops". I am not sure what was going on with her, she lost her glasses tubing because she hooked them on her shirt to keep them dry!? Yea, that didn't work, she lost her glasses.

In the battle to see who got in first our boat won in spite of all the rock groundings. I guess that extra weight did us some good.

Definitely a good time and something we would like to do again.

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  1. If you notice, I am holding Kassi by the wrist so we would both fall into the middle :) :)
    We are not even Jasmine and I are not even home yet from the trip!!

    Chattanooga would be amazing too. You can climb a mountain face, raft and break your neck in many ways.