Sunday, June 19, 2016

Vacation Day 1 and 2

Internet connection at Deep Creek was pretty bad so I didn't even try to update while there. We had a great time in the mountains. Day 1 we grabbed some meat.....

and oaded up the van. We left after church, it is a bout a 4hour drive for us. This isn't even all that we took, we had three cars full of people and stuff. All of our local kids went, 10 of them plus a son in law and grandbaby.

We made the drive without incident and checked into our cabins. Since it was dinner time we went into Bryson City for dinner. The little ones weren't willing to sit still so we walked them around town while waiting for our pizzas to be cooked and then recooked after they sent them on a delivery.

They both loved the trains.

Day 1 was travel day and day 2 we went tubing.

The first group. They walked up a trail to go to the rougher water.

The kids who were not able to do that part stayed back and played.

 Group 2 went out after group 1 got back. We put in at a point that was after the rapids area.

I had Benjamin and was very cautious.

Our view of everyone else.....yep they got way ahead of us.

Benjamin enjoyed the tubing.

He found it very relaxing! I didn't want him to sleep in case we tipped over. However, there was no waking him.

I ran into the girls at the end. They were looking for Michelle's glasses. She had lost them. I wasn;t too upset about it until I found out that she had been jumping in and out of her tube and had attached them to her shirt to keep them dry. It made no sense to me and I was left with the impression that it was intentional. She will get to do some chores to help pay for new ones.

After tubing sno cones.

Wore out Vaida.

Benjamin rocking with mom on the porch.

Evening smores.

Kassi's first smore!

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  1. I have a ton of smore stuff because I have the rest of yours and ours that we never used at all! Need to have a cookout when we get home.