Monday, January 26, 2015

She's off!

I dropped Sarah off at college.  Sarah is now at Columbia International University, her goal to become a missionary.  This was her goal before she went on Teen Missions where she was bullied.

However, she says that God has been nagging her to go back to her original plans.  Last semester she made the decision to go, applied and was accepted.  I got a little sticker shock but got financing to cover what we couldn't.

Last week I dropped her off at her dorm.  She was so nervous.  

I miss her terribly.  She was my partner in crime.  We shopped, ate and spent a lot of time together. She is my late night cookie maker and company.  My husband tried to take her place as my late night company but all he did was fall asleep in the couch.  I sent him packing!

So far she is doing well.  Sometimes she feels like a fish out of water but she is making some friends. The students at the school seem to be very nice.

Sarah has had to work hard to get her good grades.  The normal course load at the school is 15 hours, I know she will have to work hard to do well.  Neurofibromatosis has made her a fighter.

Sarah is adjusting to college life and I am adjusting to being the only adult home all day.  Having adult company during the day sure was a nice treat. I love my kids but there is something to be said for adult conversation.

Is it possible to have Empty Nest Syndrome when the nest isn't empty?