Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It Started with a Closet

We have a very small coat closet close to the front door. It is really too small and the coats that sit in there have gathered dust. Actually many of them have gotten too small. That was a major gain for Goodwill. I decided to take everything out of the closet, put in a shelf and some hooks for the kids stuff.  Their backpacks and shoes gather by the front door.  With 4 kids it becomes a big pile.

While stripping the closet I found a bunch of frames.  I realized that I needed to update the pictures going up the stairs to include the new kids.

In the meantime Little Man made me realize that I needed to child proof some cabinets.  I am not worried about the pots and pans but some cabinets to have breakables in them.  Those are the most fun to get into!

Little Man is 10 months old and thinks that he needs to keep up with the other kids.  He is growing up so fast.

The closet isn't finished but some child proofing did get done.

I started going through pictures to get some prints for the wall when Michelle asked when they were getting their pictures done for the wall.  They knew that I was tackling that project. Michelle wanted pictures made at this place.......

So I made an appointment at the same place and called all the kids.  I told them to be there or they would be forever missing from the family picture.  Tasha's husband seemed to think that this was an old thing to do.  This may be true, but it is nice to have and seemed so important to Michelle.

Everyone showed up and we got some great pictures.....

Joselin made sure that she smiled!  She mentioned that in all the other pictures she was sulking, well, she sulks no more.

My girls

All the girls

The little girls

I got a picture of all the men but didn't block out Little Man so you can't see it.  Sorry.

Getting the pictures made was the easy part.  Working on the wall.....it is a work in progress. Actually working on my wall has made me realize that I need to do something with all of my pictures.  I have thousands of pictures from before the digital age.  I need to get them digitized but that will be a huge project.  I also have thousands of digital pictures.  I am contemplating making up some Shutterfly books.  Once again, another huge project.

Curious, where do you store your pictures?  Right now I keep pictures on the photo cards and just buy a new one once one gets a lot of pictures on it.  Also, many pictures are stored on my Google Chrome as well.

I have been digging up pictures from all over the house.  I didn't realize what a big project I was undertaking when I dug up those frames.

I could use a bigger wall...

Ever have a small project morph into something much bigger?!


  1. I know what you mean about needing a bigger wall!

  2. Backup those photo cards! They can easily become corrupted and lose your pics. Get an external hard drive.

  3. All my photos go on my walmart photo account. I use this to make all my calendars and gifts for family members. I love making annual photo books with the year's photos. I used to be a hard-care scrap booker but in the digital age I had to adapt.

  4. Little projects ALWAYS morph into bigger ones around here!

  5. No, it is not odd to call folks home for a photo. I was looking at the pictures of your wall earlier. It looks great.